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5 successful ad campaigns from influencers

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5 successful ad campaigns from influencers

What is the secret of a  successful advertising campaign ? Naturally, there are many possible answers to this question and no one has a magic formula (hopefully!). But within the world of digital marketing, looking at influencers can help us find many important keys. The  campaigns influencers  not go out of fashion, but reinvented and renewed to continue connecting with your target audience. We are going to see  5 examples of successful advertising campaigns with influencers  and some of the things that can help you succeed with yours.

5 ad campaigns with influencers that work

1) GAP: Styld.by with Refinery29, Celebrity Blog and others

According to Hubspot, for its  Styld.by campaign, GAP  turned to blogging and social media giants like Refinery29 and WhoWhatWhere. These personalities showed how they incorporated the brand’s garments into their day-to-day looks and gave the option to buy them in the captions of the images.

This is not an overly original concept, as many social media fashion campaigns follow similar patterns. But this advertising campaign managed to work thanks to the Nigeria Phone Number List selection of influencers , all of them powerful personalities and with different audience niches. Thus, GAP was able to multiply its reach and make its products visible to a lot of potential users.

2) Samsung: Note 7 with CyreneQ

By now, users are more than used to seeing mobile launches. To stand out, Samsung 7 decided to launch an ad campaign with  CyreneQ , a professional Snapchat artist and designer with a large user base. Cyrene used her Snapchat account to tell about all her commute to the event and show fans a preview of the new device. The 10-second video format of this network allowed it to show short clips of the different functionalities. In short, a successful advertising campaign thanks to the perfect  integration  between the platform, the influencer and the promoted product.

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3) Kaikatsu Club with Enakorin

One great thing about influencer marketing is that you can find users who specialize in a  wide variety of topics . Not everything was going to be fashion and sport! Therefore, there are many possibilities to find the perfect audience for your brand. A good example of this is the campaign of the coffee chain Kaikatsu Club, which recently launched a virtual reality service in its Japanese stores. Users could play different games while eating or drinking something.

To promote this release, the brand turned to Enakorin, a famous cosplayer. Enakorin is very popular with anime and video game fans, so this campaign was a perfect way to reach an audience interested in virtual reality.

4) H&M with Julie Sariñana and Ela Velden

Another fashion brand that has managed to succeed on Instagram thanks to the selection of influencers that reflect its style. In this case, the brand launched a campaign with fashion blogger Julie Sariñana and model Ela Velden to promote the 2017 catalog. Sariñana liked the collection so much that she even showed it on her personal Instagram account. In short, an apparently simple advertising campaign but whose secret is to turn to  the right people .

5) Fiji Water with Danielle Bernstein

Here, a watermark teamed up with a famous fashion blog,  weworewhat  (something like “what we are wearing”). Rather than the typical lifestyle images, the brand decided to go further and create an eight-minute training video series featuring blog author Danielle Bernstein and personal trainer Eric Johnson.

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In this way,  Fiji Water was  able to create interactive, shareable content that showed its commitment to hydrating people who want to get fit and look as good as Bernstein and Johnson. A very smart way to link the brand to  aspirational values.

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4 questions to hit the influencers in advertising campaigns

The 5 examples that we have just seen have one very important thing in common, and that is that they have all been right when it comes to selecting the right influencer. If you want to learn from them, my advice is to always ask yourself these 4 questions when choosing your influencers:

  • What is this person an expert in? There are influencers of all types and niches that you can imagine, but the best are those who have become true experts in a specific sector and not only in aspirational models. Users trust your recommendations and your influence multiplies.
  • Does this influencer reach the audience I’m looking for? Previously, advertising campaigns with influencers were based on the number of followers, but today micro influencers   are increasingly important. What really matters is if your audience matches your  buyer persona , so you will have to take the time to research their profiles.
  • Is this influencer perceived as authentic?  In recent times, the influencer phenomenon has experienced a credibility crisis. Users of social networks have become professional and have begun to see their presence as a business, which has led to many Phone Number List campaigns with solely economic motivations. Although professionalization is not a negative in itself, you always have to take care that there is a real alignment between the values ​​and style of the influencer and those of the brand.
  • How is the public image of the influencer? Broadly speaking, there are two types of celebrities: controversial and those that everyone loves. The latter are a guaranteed success; The former can be a double-edged sword, but some brands are interested in taking risks. In any case, you must be well informed about possible gaps in the influencer’s reputation and have a containment plan in place in the event of a crisis.
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