3 Effective Ways to Increase Profits as a Hosting Reseller

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3 Effective Ways to Increase Profits as a Hosting Reseller

Lately, I moved Geekflare to Google Cloud Platform and was looking for a one-click backup option, but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

After some research I learned that the backup procedure is slightly different and I loved it. The good thing is that you have full control over your backup.

There are multiple levels (application, configuration, logs, etc.) of backup, and  performing a full backup of the virtual machine manually and automatically .

The term used for backing up to Google Cloud is called a ” snapshot .”


the following I will talk about


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You can take a snapshot while a disk is attached to the instance, with no downtime during backup
It is differential instead of creating a full disk backup every time – reduces backup storage cost and fast operation
Manually using Google Cloud Console
Google’s cloud console has the option to take a snapshot of the drive and it’s easy.

Sign in to Google Cloud and go to disks on Compute Engine
Click on the name of the disk that is attached to the instance and you want to take a snapshot
Give the snapshot name and click Create

It will take some time (depends on the size of the disk) and once done, you will see them in the snapshots section .
This indicates that the virtual machine disk was backed up. Whenever necessary, you can use this snapshot to restore/create a new virtual machine with the same  virtual machine backup.


state at the time of the


If your application has frequent changes and you would like to China Phone Number automate taking a snapshot on a regular basis, the following will help.

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I found this solution from https://github.com/jacksegal/google-compute-snapshot

Sign in to the instance you want to automatically back up
Create a folder where you want to store the script file
Download the script file
wget https://github.com/jacksegal/google-compute-snapshot/blob/master/gcloud-snapshot.sh
Change the permission of the file to make it executable
chmod 755 gcloud-snapshot.sh
Test the script to make sure it works by manually running a script
Once confirmed, it works manually then set crontab to run periodically.

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