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3 cool features for Google Display campaigns

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3 cool features for Google Display campaigns

Do you use  Google Ads  in your digital marketing campaigns or are you thinking of doing it? If the answer is “yes”, you can’t miss out on these 3 new features for Google Display campaigns announced last month. These features are focused on improving the search for potential customers, so that your ad reaches the audience with the highest chances of converting. In this way, you can maximize the impact of each investment and each click and make your budget better and more profitable.

1) Dynamic customer search with product feeds

Previously,  Google Display campaigns would  show product ads based on the content that users visited on your site. Dynamic Customer Search now displays Namibia Phone Number List products based on the user’s past interactions with Google and with sites on the Google network. Thanks to this new source of information and its machine learning algorithms, Google is able to evaluate the performance of different products in your catalog and show those that best fit the user’s interests and therefore are more likely to  generate conversions .

If you use  Facebook Ads  in your campaigns, it is likely that this function is familiar to you, since the social network has a very similar one. To enable dynamic customer search with product feeds in Google Ads, simply link a product feed to a display campaign. Google will take care of optimizing the product selection for you.

2) A more precise segmentation extension

Now, you can select the option to expand targeting in the campaign settings to increase the reach of your ads. In this way, in the words of the platform itself, you will get  more conversions at the same cost per acquisition  (CPA). Previously, advertisers had to increase bids to take advantage of the budget at the end of a campaign cycle.

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This new functionality includes a tool with a slider to increase or decrease the reach of a campaign. As you change this setting, you can see estimates of the number of weekly impressions. In this way, the advertiser has more control over the reach and cost of the campaigns.

3) Create custom audiences based on user intent

For years,  audiences for Google Display campaigns  have been based on selecting the right keywords. Now, Google goes one step further to automatically create audience Phone Number List segments  based on user intentions . This targeting is based on the most common keywords and URLs in the content that users see when they’re searching for a product or service, as well as your account’s current audience targeting. In short, it is a function that allows you to increase the conversion chances of your campaigns without any extra effort on your part.

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