10 marketing techniques to sell more

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10 marketing techniques to sell more

The  marketing techniques  are like tools DIY: not all are good for everything, but many have multiple functions and each corresponds to a task. And just like a repair professional, marketers should have a wide variety of resources to deal with different situations.

Therefore, I want to propose a review of 10 marketing techniques that can serve the same objective:  sell more within your  marketing plan . Using one or the other will depend on the characteristics of the brand, the target audience and the competition, as well as the phase of the conversion funnel in which the users are. Let’s go there!

10 marketing techniques to sell more

1) local marketing

In general, users trust small surfaces more, since they believe that they offer higher quality products and a more personalized treatment. Even if your Buy Senegal Consumer People Phone List business doesn’t depend on location to sell, taking advantage of these “small business” values ​​is a good  marketing technique . The key is to think of your potential customers as individuals and not just users, and offer them the most personalized  experience  possible.

2) Video Marketing

According to a recent Hubspot study  , 81% of brands are already doing  video marketing . It’s a great way to connect with a young audience and communicate your brand values ​​directly and emotionally. There are several ways to incorporate video marketing into your  content strategy ,  both through more careful production pieces and live videos that show the more human side of the brand. We can also take into account social video, that is, videos specially designed for social networks.

3) Amazon Advertising

When planning your pay-per-click advertising  , dare to go beyond Google Ads and Facebook! The  advertising solution Amazon  allows both to reach users within the largest shopping portal in the world and leverage their information to connect with them elsewhere. In addition, the data indicates that this solution will continue to grow and eat up the advertising giants for years to come.

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4) Google Ads

Google Ads is a must-have tool for today’s marketer. It is a super complete solution, which allows you to create a wide variety of campaign types (from search ads to remarketing display  ) and customize the options to the maximum to achieve the best results. If you want to optimize your  advertising in Google Ads  from there, my recommendation is that you focus on improving the  quality level  of your ads. This metric depends on three factors:

  • Keyword relevance
  • Expected clickthrough rate
  • Landing page quality

The better the rating, the lower the cost per click.

5) Sponsorship of events

If you want to  sell more , the first step is to be more present in the minds of consumers. The  event sponsorship is a great way to get your brand and associate the  values  of the event (eg, sports or solidarity). Another advantage of this  marketing technique  is that it allows you to have a presence in a specific location without the need for a physical store.

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6) Content Marketing

YouTube videos, GIFs, Buzzfeed articles… the internet is built on content. They are a fundamental element to communicate with your target audience and to structure your  marketing strategy  around them, especially in the initial stages of the conversion funnel. Although  content  does not serve to generate direct conversions, it does play a very important role in growing your potential customer base. If you generate  valuable content  for users, you will be able to attract traffic to your page, generate brand awareness and position yourself as an expert in your sector.

7) Referral Marketing

Referral  marketing  is one of the   most interesting online marketing techniques  , but it is also among the most underrated. People naturally tend to  recommend  products or services to their friends and family. Referral  marketing  takes advantage of this trend to direct reviews in your favor, either by increasing the volume of your reviews or trying to tone it as positively as possible.

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8) Email marketing

Did you know that… 91% of consumers read their email on a daily basis? The  email marketing  is a tool extremely versatile , as it allows us tailor communication to the characteristics of the recipient and the particular time of the buying cycle in which it is located. Thus, we can use it to  lead nurturing  with a user who has just joined our database, send personalized promotions and discounts or remarketing with people who have left an abandoned shopping cart.

9) Marketing on Instagram

An impressive 65% of Instagram users use their feed for inspiration when  shopping online . So if you are looking for marketing techniques to sell more Phone Number List you cannot ignore this social network. Thanks to its great growth in recent years,  Instagram  is reaching more and more demographic segments. As with other social networks, having a solid presence on Instagram takes time and dedication, but in return it can be a very valuable boost for your conversions.

10) Facebook Ads

Last (but not least!) We have the star tool in  social ads :  Facebook Ads . Despite its name, it should be remembered that this tool is used to launch ads on both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Ads allows you to segment your ads like no other platform: location, age, interests, vital events, behaviors … in short, a lot of options to allow you to hit the target of your ideal audience. Additionally, you also have the option to  create lookalike audiences and remarketing audiences. If we add to this the endless formats and objectives, we find a  very powerful online marketing platform  to promote our brand.

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