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IG Users phone list powerful SMS marketing or cold calling campaigns to business or consumer people sales leads.

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Country Email List

Buy an email lists from IGUgers and make the opportunity for country specific marketing campaigns. We have high activated email database and mailing lists by country include most popular countries.

Phone Number List

Now you can buy Phone Numbers or cell phone number information to your customer or business list to better communicate and market your products promotion campaigns. Buy now today with us.

Fax Number Lists

We will provide you best and real, clean, fresh, updated, opt and fax list. If you think to create a fax broadcasting campaigns start now with us & you've got the highest quality leads. Conect to direct your mailing efforts toward the perfect audience.

Job Function Email Database

Buying a targeted list of business contacts information and find them by department staff in Doctor, legal, Engineer or any department you want to marketing. Where in we specially target individuals according to the titles, working position.

C Level Executive List

IG User the top decision makers with make a targeted C-Level Executives Email List & start greater marketing performance with your multi-channel campaigns. The C Level list includes most job role professionals like CEO, CMO, CIO, CFO, and more.

Real Estate Email Database

Our Real estate email database is the land, buildings, property, air rights above the land and underground rights below most active person email, phone with full mailing address. All the highly targeted real estate lead database.

Different Types of Phone Number List

Inbound Phone Number Lists.

Outbound Phone List.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Telemarketing.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Cell Phone Lists.

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We provide quality of mobile number list will define the success of your telemarketing or lead generation successful campaign. We collect most active data enables you to reach more decision-makers more.

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Data Collection Best Expert Team

We are most experience expert team all time collect right person contact information for you.

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Targeted work, more flow

Our providing top activates type of selection. 





Marital Status



Country of Origin


Education Level


Political Party


Estimated Household Income

Credit Worthiness

New Credit Card Holders

Number of Credit Lines

Types of Credit Cards

Active Investors

Investment Types

Net Worth


Property Owners

Unit Dwelling Type

Property Type

Sale Date

Estimated Home Value

Square Footage

Length of Residence

Year Built

Number of Rooms

Lot Size

Presence of Pool


Boat Owners

Frequent Travelers

Ailments & Illnesses

Timeshare Owners

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Green Households

Pet Owners

Clubs & Memberships

Magazine/Newspaper Subscribers

Aircraft Owners


Jewelry Buyers


Contact Job Title/Function

Industry Type

SIC Code


Number of Employees

Years in Business


Legal Status


Arts & Crafts

Reading Preferences

Health & Fitness

Music Preferences


Online Gambling


Home Improvement


Self Improvement

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